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Stick Bar

Greek cuisine restaurant - Steakhouse

Discover unique tasty dishes with interesting touches, unexpected combinations of materials and great flavors!

Patriarchou Ioakim 48, Kolonaki

Tel. 2107249802

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Delicious proposals, unique tastes


Our restaurant


Greek food restaurant - Steakhouse

Unique tasty dishes with interesting touches, unexpected combinations of materials and great flavors!


With respect to raw materials, but especially with respect to all of you

Stick Bar started by a group of friends who loves good quality and tasty food at a reasonable price. And just like that, the strong flavor of friendship emerged strong, delicious flavors in dishes and sticks as never tasted so far.


We serve excellent food to satisfy you,

we provide you high quality services

Stick Bar is the ideal place for after shopping, lunch or dinner to enjoy delicious dishes and your favorite stick in the gourmet!

Alternatively order your favorite flavors & thanks to our excellent delivery service enjoy fine cuisine at your place!

Yet, the straw can make it a lot of levels! This just proves the delicious Stick Bar, the new restaurant in the heart of Kolonaki . The brainchild of a group of friends who respect good food and wants to share it with all of Athens. Here at Stick Bar, in a warm, beautiful space with Greek profile and minimal elements, known to us all greek kalamaki transformed into gourmet straw. Made from the finest raw materials, bears the stamp of genuine Greekness and the incomparable quality of the Mediterranean diet. In different versions of straw with pork, chicken or lamb, shrimp or salmon for lovers of eating fish, mushrooms or halloumi for real vegetarians, comes to take off the relish every palate. And for anyone who wants the authentic flavors literally " the plate", the hearty portions of meat Stick Bar, such as pork chops, tenderloin chicken, fresh burgers from turkey or beef and delicious T-Bone, is the ideal suggestions in do to " glue" the perfect baking and taste. Whatever is ultimately your choice, we suggest you to accompany with some of the fresh, rich salads Stick Bar will pleasantly surprise and cool in every fork. In the end, as will pleasantly surprise you and very reasonable prices exquisite meal you just enjoyed.


How much flavor could be hiding behind a sraw?

Visit us and you will discover your new hot spot for good food!



Contact us


Patriarchou Ioakim 48, Kolonaki

Tel.: 210 7249 802

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